Video Discussion Questions

Special Education – It’s All About Results

Discussion Questions

  • What in the video rang true for you?
  • What were some things you disagreed with?
  • What is the purpose of special education?
  • What happens for a child when they are entitled to special education services?
  • What do you think contributes to Iowa having such a large achievement gap in special education?
  • What is discussed in the IEP meeting you are typically involved?
  • Do you discuss how the student is progressing in the grade level curriculum at an IEP meeting?
  • What is effective instruction for a special education student?
  • Is the special education teacher the best person to provide supplemental instruction?
  • What IEP progress monitoring assessments do you use?
  • What progress monitoring assessments are tied to the core curriculum?
  • Are students in your special education classes grouped for instruction?
  • Do students in your school have access to supplemental instruction from a content area teacher?
  • What parts of the IEP translate into providing the student effective instruction?
  • What practices do impact effective instruction?
  • Do you believe that a student’s growth can slow down or end when they are entitled to special education? Why does this happen?
  • What assistance do regular education teachers get around working with students with special needs in their classroom?
  • What can you start doing right away to get better results?